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Alex joined The Kitchen after returning from his travels around Australia and Asia, after meeting the girl of his dreams in Aus, he has returned with her to settle in Banbury where he will be studying for his MA and running The Kitchen!

Jo said, ‘We are delighted Alex has joined the team – he has extensive hospitality experience, both hands on and in management.  He is a great asset to the team and has fitted in really well.’

We thought it would be great for all our customers to get to know Alex a little better – so we have carried out a quick ‘foodie’ interview ……

What is your favourite thing to cook?
It would have to be slow cooked, pulled chicken fajitas with all the traditional toppings such as sour cream, guacamole, salsa and cheese!

What is your favourite meal?
Can’t beat a good medium rare steak with a side of chips and peppercorn sauce.  The Aberdeenshire steak from Aubrey Allen that we served at The Kitchen is probably the best steak I have ever tasted – not surprising they have a Royal Warrant!

Which is your favourite restaurant?
My is in Australia and it’s called The Nines. We went there countless times and always had a great meal. Staff were on point, food was beyond amazing and the vibe was spot on!

What inspired you to work in a restaurant?
I’ve always considered myself as a people person and getting to chat to everyone is great for me. I also love it when people have come out and had a great time in a restaurant I work in, it makes me feel satisfied that they have enjoyed themselves.  It has been great to get to know the locals at The Kitchen.

Who is the most famous person you have ever served?
The comedian Jack Dee was once staying at a hotel I worked in and had the pleasure of serving him his breakfast. Turns out he is nowhere near as miserable in real life as his act would suggest.

What is your favourite hobby?
Rugby by a country mile. Anything to do with the sport I love!

What pets do you have?
A Heinz 57 dog named Eddie. He’s getting on a bit now but he’s still a spritely lad.

What is your favourite meal on the menu at the kitchen?
The Aberdeen Steak is a winner. I mean, there are too many close seconds but like i said, is there anything better than a well-cooked steak with the sides to compliment it???  And the triple cooked chips …. wow!

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
Koh Lipe in Thailand

What is your favourite type of food?
I’m a huge fan of Italian food having visited the country a fair few times. Gnocchi, stone baked pizza, pasta… you name it, I probably love it.  I have to say The Kitchen’s pizzas would seriously give the Italian’s a run for their money!

Who is your favourite musician/song?
Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

One luxury on a dessert island – what would it be?
A yacht to get off it!

One thing you would like to do but haven’t yet?
Hike to Base Camp at Mount Everest

How has travelling inspired you?
It showed me that there are so many ways of life across the world and that there is so much more to just the country you live in. I would also say that travelling has inspired me to try new things as you never know what you could end up loving, whether its food, an activity or a pretty blonde Australian girl – who I have persuaded to come back to England with me!